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Why Printed Badges Are The Future Of Event Check-In? 2 mos ago

Event organisers are always looking for new ways to improve the attendee experience and increase engagement. If an event is a success, it's likely because attendees had a positive experience. 

If your event can't measure its impact on attendees, then you have no way of knowing whether or not you're getting it right — or if there's room for improvement. 

In this blog post we'll discuss why printed badges are becoming more popular among event organisers today and how they can help you create better events in the future!

Enhance security and streamline check-in processes 

Printed badges can be used for multiple purposes, including: security, check-in and access control, identification cards and visitor passes, membership cards and loyalty programs, special events pass (including VIP or backstage), fundraising campaigns such as raffles/raffles and silent auctions etc., event registration or payment options such as cashless payments (e-tickets) via mobile phone apps - all without needing additional hardware or software!

Improve attendee experience and engagement 

Printed badges are more memorable than digital badges. Custome Printed badges allow attendees to take their badge with them, which makes it easier for them to keep track of their progress and plan future events. They also make a great keepsake that can be used as a reference point for future meetings or networking opportunities.

Printed badges provide a more personal touch than digital alternatives. Printed badges can be customised with individualised information like name, company name, job title, email address--anything you want! 

This makes them far more engaging than most digital options available today because they allow people at the event feel more connected with one another through shared interests or commonalities in addition to just knowing each other's names (which is important too).

Effective branding 

Printed badges are an effective branding tool. Any time you can use a printed badge to display your logo, you should. The more opportunities you have to show off your brand identity, the better!

Custome Printed badges

Use colours that fit your brand's colour scheme and fonts that match its font style. Make sure any images on the badge fit within its design aesthetic as well--no one wants to see a cartoonish image of themselves when they look down at their own printed badge!

Valuable insights for event organisers

Printed badges are a great way to improve security and streamline check-in processes. By printing attendee names on each badge, you can ensure that only those with an official credential will enter your event. This helps to reduce the risk of counterfeit tickets or stolen passes being used at your event.

Printed badges can also improve attendee experience and engagement by providing them with information about their schedule, venue location, food options and more--all without having to ask!

Printed badges act as an effective branding tool because they allow you to create customised designs based on your brand's style guide or specific theme for the event.


We hope this blog post has helped you understand why printed badges are the future of event check-in. By combining the benefits of traditional check-in with new technology, printed badges can help organisers improve attendee experience and engagement while building valuable insights into their event programmes.