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Say yes to organic products and no to toxic products. 2 weeks ago

Beautiful skin and hair is the dream of every woman on the planet. Nowadays most of the products in the market are loaded with chemicals and affect sensitive skin after a long period of time. The products in the market may guarantee soft and beautiful skin but that effects are short term and later on it causes long term bad effects so, better switch to Organic Skin Products that will never have any side effects and safe to use on skin.


Many Organic Skincare Companies have come up with exciting and high-quality products that have drawn buyer’s attention and make them purchase organic products and this is where it starts. Slowly people are realizing the magic of nature and are convinced that natural products are the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Organic Skincare Companies

Benefits of organic products:

  1. It is loaded with the goodness of nature.
  2. It does not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives.
  3. It is not tested on animals hence no animals are harmed during production.
  4. Organic products are safe for all skin types and do not cause any side –effects.
  5. Organic products work better as compared to chemical-loaded products.
  6. Using organic products means you are taking a step towards eco-friendly nature.

Rose oil for skin


Toxic ingredients to avoid:

  • Parabens: parabens are the most commonly used preservatives that are used to stop the bacteria and mold growth in the product and helps to store it for a particular period of time.


  • Synthetic colors: Nowadays many cosmetic brands are using artificial colors to give an attractive look to the product. You might have read FD&C or D &C on some cosmetic carton that refers to the artificial colors.


  • Fragrances: Artificial fragrances can be harmful if breathed for a long time as it can cause respiratory issues and headaches.


  • Sulfates and phthalates: SLS is the most commonly used ingredient in most shampoo, mascara, body wash, and cleanser because it acts as a cleansing agent. It can irritate the eyes if it gets contact with the eye during hair wash or bathing.


  • Triclosan: Triclosan is widely used as an anti-microbial chemical agent that is used in toothpaste and many types of mouthwash.


  • SLS: SLS is combined with other components to form nitrosamines. This can lead to kidney and lung issues in a sensitive case.


  • Formaldehyde: it is used in the majority of cosmetic products and beauty therapy products to stop the growth of bacteria. It can lead to skin allergies and other reactions.


  • Sunscreen chemicals: This ingredient works as a sunscreen protecting agent to absorb harmful UV rays. It can cause skin cancers and allergies because it absorbs ultraviolet rays inside the skin.



Wind up: if you are beauty concerned person and have sensitive skin, then you must switch to organic products without thinking because natural products don’t harm in any way, in fact, organic products like Rose oil for skin and tea tree oil help your skin and hair damage to heal. Hence, try organic products soon if you want to preserve your beauty for ages.


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